CGB House - Residential - 2019

Renovation and consolidation of an old mountain house to give it a new purpose.The intervention contemplated a program with 7 rooms, several living rooms, large kitchen and an outdoor pool, solarium and outdoor kitchen. Also considered in this program was the recovery of the protected space originally used for oil production, the latter was awarded the new use of a fireplace in the living room area.


The general aesthetics of the house are characterised by a rustic-contemporary style. The use of wood, clay, limestone and sandstone, simple shapes and spacious areas, the creation of new openings on the facade and roof to provide more light in the interior spaces of the building.


Standing out in the surrounding countryside and views of the valley is the outdoor pool. Its design and distribution are conditioned to its surroundings. The location of the solarium and outdoor kitchen are north-east facing so enjoy the views and sunsets.